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Used Machinery Equipment --> MCH0001
Stretch Wrap machine

Stretch Wrap Machine

WCA-200 Stretch Wrap Machine
Item: MCH0001



  • 12 RPM (17 RPM and 22 RPM optional)
  • 3-year unlimited cycle warranty
  • Spring loaded gate
  • AC drive for all motors except conveyors
  • Quick disconnects throughout

Recent improvements:

  • Standard wrap height - increased to 80”.
  • Optional wrap height is now available in 92”, 104” and 116”.
  • Ergonomically friendly film loading carriage is mounted on the side and allows for easy loading.
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers’ blue compound.
  • “Analog" sensor is standard.
  • Optional close roller spacing (3” centers) on conveyors is rated at 4000 lbs.
  • Controls ready for the integration of fence kit
  • Standardization of line with the smart tower and carriage inventory.
  • Improved design with enclosed carriage chains.
Made in USA U.S. and Canada 1-800-457-5456

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