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Machine Products --> Portable Storage Racks

Machine Products:
Portable Storage Racks


  • Heavy-duty shelves
  • Large industrial casters for easy mobility
  • Gas spring assisted hinges
  • Heat dissipating lift handles
  • Tilting shelves lift up and out of the way for ergonomic loading and unloading
  • Reinforced base is designed for fork truck handling
  • Eliminates typical "dead" areas of rack as all shelves are easily accessible
  • Fingertip force required to lift shelves
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Rack holding capacity of 2000 lbs
  • Easy to clean and store

Standard Rack Specifications

  • 2000 lbs Capacity (250 lbs/shelf)
  • 3 standard sizes.  Custom sizes available.
  • Seven shelves maximum including non-tilting reinforced base
  • Shelf Size - 29-1/2" x 68"
  • Weight - 510 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions - 31-1/2" Deep x 69" Wide x 58-1/2" Tall

Shelf Spacing Guidelines

Shelf Spacing

Number of Shelves

7" (Standard)






7-Shelf Core Rack

5-Shelf Core Rack

4-Shelf Core Rack


  • Virtually any rack configuration and sizing are available.  If our standard rack does not meet your specifications, call us a let us know what you need.
  • Towing bar for in-plant towing
  • Double shelved units (shelves on both sides of upright)
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