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Sandmaster / Sand Dryers

The Palmer Sandmaster 2000 is the first and only machine of its kind to dry, screen and sanitize sand to produce a premium quality topdressing for golf courses. To learn more, please visit

The Sandmaster 2000 takes sand containing 8.4% moisture, and discharges dry sand at 250° - 300° F, at an approximate rate of one ton per hour. It is capable of processing over one ton per hour at lower moisture levels by simply adjusting the unit. Uses only 2-3 gallons of LP gas per ton of sand at an effective cost of $4.00 - $5.00 per ton of sand dried.

“Anyone that has spent time spreading tarps over expensive dried sand hoping to keep it dry will appreciate saving labor costs with the Sandmaster 2000”, said Jack Palmer, owner. He added, “finally a cost effective way for superintendents to have sand, only when they need it, and no longer have to schedule and wait for deliveries of expensive bagged sand, or to install unsightly silos.”

The Palmer Sandmaster not only reduces these costs, but also processes the sand better. By drying at higher temperatures, it eliminates disease pathogens along with weed seed to produce a truly sanitized topdressing. “Superintendents will enjoy managing their sand-use better while reducing sand drying costs and producing a homogeneous particle-sized topdressing,” said Palmer.

See our video on the Sandmaster 2000

Significant Features of the Palmer Sandmaster 2000: 

  • Dries effectively at high temperatures – never buy bagged sand again 
  • Screens better – eliminating oversized sand particles  
  • Sanitizes – eliminating most disease pathogens and weed seeds  
  • Dry only the sand that you need – eliminate buying extra sand
Made in USA U.S. and Canada 1-800-457-5456

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