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Pumping Systems

Palmer Pumping Systems are completely self contained units that are designed to eliminate the problems associated with old, worn, poorly designed systems that cause such problems as inaccurate delivery, inconsistent delivery, resin bleed back, the need for constant re-calibration, and high replacement parts cost. Palmer Systems are particularly helpful when used to replace pumping systems designed around high RPM, low displacement pumps. From our basic RP packages, to high-end, fully-automated mass flow control packages, Palmer has the equipment and experience to meet your exact needs.
Pumping Systems
RP Retrofit Pumping System 
For use with any existing continuous mixer. Ideal for upgrading or replacing an old, worn pumping system.
RPV Volumetric Resin Delivery System 
Ideal for upgrading older style pumping systems or for reduced maintenance on existing volumetric delivery systems.
FLOW-BOSS Liquid Monitoring System
The FLOWBOSS comes in two forms - a programmable resin delivery monitor or a fully integrated resin control system.
VP Coreactant Blending Systems
The VP is ideal for the blending of coreactants for ester cured phenolics, three part phenolics, furan acid, and virtually any other coreactant where differing reactivities are available. 
MF Mass Flow Resin Control System
Fully automatic calibration and verification make this unit virtually "hands free" once installed and original set up is complete.
Auto Fill Resin Transfer System
Palmer can supply both the pumps and controls for any resin transfer and filling application.
Bulk Resin Transfer System
If you are a bulk resin buyer, transfer of resin from remote storage tanks to process storage tanks is made simple and reliable utilizing our bulk resin transfer systems and controls.
Pumping System Options Details
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