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Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., introduces Flow Calibration Tubes

SPRINGFIELD, OH (October 2010) – Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., has introduced the latest in high efficiency calibration tube technology with new Palmer Flow Calibration Tubes for quick, accurate and non-contact calibration of any liquid level, while in-process.

The new Palmer Flow Calibration tubes are highly accurate, safe, and cost effective as well as efficient as they eliminate the need for scales, buckets, and gloves in calibration. Additionally, liquids can be calibrated with just one operator in less than two minutes.

Significant Features:

  • Eliminate waste – lower costs (zero loss system)
  • Precise liquid-flow accuracy
  • No operator contact with materials
  • No more mess
  • Extremely accurate
  • Heavy duty sight glass gauge – easily cleaned
  • Available in ˝ liter, 2-liter and 4-liter
  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials

“The Palmer Calibration Tube was designed to reduce labor costs, as calibration can easily be performed during production; eliminating lost production time due to calibration,” said Jack Palmer, President of Palmer Manufacturing & Supply. “This precise and repeatable flow calibration system is by far the easiest and therefore quickest of all to calibrate,” he added.

Click here for more information.

Introducing the Palmer / OLDS Vertical Elevator

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., has introduced the latest in elevator technology, with the new Palmer / OLDS Vertical Elevator. This new equipment uniquely vertically elevates, heats, cools, and meters with only one moving part in contact with the product!

Having an uncomplicated design employing a static screw and a rotating casing means substantially reduced maintenance costs and delays versus standard bucket elevators and other elevating devices. The rotating casing, with attached intake scoops, is the only moving part to touch the product; thereby preventing any product contamination. The Palmer / OLDS Vertical Elevator can be supplied with an optional built-in Heat Exchanger at minimal extra expense.

One foundry moving 10-20 tons of sand per day is reporting no maintenance costs or downtime over a six year period and therefore has substantially reduced both maintenance and expensive downtime costs versus their former bucket elevator.

Other significant advantages:

  • High Volume Handling
  • Vertically Elevates, Heats, Cools and Meters
  • Small Footprint – elevate bulk material at 90° in under 10 square ft. of floor space.
  • Precision Variable Flow Rate
  • Fire & Explosion Risk Minimized
  • Dust-Free Elevation
  • Product Shielded from Contaminants
  • Rapid Clean-out
  • Energy Efficient – operates with low amp draw and outperforms pneumatic systems without costly compressors, blowers, and vacuum equipment.
  • No need for separate metering devices
  • Does not segregate materials during elevation
  • Silent Operation
  • Can be used with a wide variety of materials

“Palmer is a leader in providing heavy duty foundry automation equipment that reduces maintenance costs while increasing productivity. We partnered with OLDS Elevator to bring this extraordinarily superior elevator to the foundry industry,” said Jack Palmer, President of Palmer Manufacturing and Supply, Inc.

Introducing Palmer Stretch Wrap Machine

See our video on the new Stretch Wrap Machine.

Palmer Compressed Air Dryer

Remove Water from Compressed Air

When compressed air is produced, a high level of moisture in both vapor and liquid forms are produced. The Palmer Compressed Air Dryer will normally remove 98% '+' of all water and water vapor while removing other contaminants including compressor oil and particulate. The unique Compressed Air Dryer is maintenance free due to an absence of moving parts, wear parts, replacement parts and filter elements.

Significant Features:

  • Precision throttling jets momentarily cooling the air causing it to pass through the dew point condensing the water vapor to a liquid form. Stainless steel collecting baffles cause the water to be diverted to the sump, eliminating water and most water vapor that enters the unit for a total combined elimination of 98% "plus".
  • No wear parts, replacement parts, moving parts and filters for a maintenance free unit.
  • Sump has a fully automated drain system.

Magnetic Separators

We have recently introduced new magnetic separators.

Drum Magnets     Head Pulley           
Suspended Magnets


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