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Machine Products --> New DC Drives

Machine Products:
E-8200 Digital 
DC Motor Drive

DC Drives can be mounted in a stand alone cast aluminum enclosure, panel mounted or mounted in a cast aluminum housing to allow for installation directly on the motor. 

Design Features: 

  • Standard Isolated Analog Input 
  • 4 Control Inputs 
  • 2 Solid State Outputs 
  • New Quick Mount Design.


  • Displays speed preset, speed set point, motor status and motor load. Illustrated above. 
  • Keypad Start/Stop & Speed Control. 
  • Remote Run/Stop Control. 
  • Remote Speed Select (8 Presets). 
  • 4 Line Voltage Inputs. 
  • Remote speed control isolated analog inputs (voltage or current). 
  • Remote speed control - direct connect an external potentiometer. 
  • Precision Keypad Speed Control (.001 resolution). 
  • Digital Speed Reference Display. 
  • Built in Digital Amp Meter. 
  • Programmable Over Current Motor Protection. 0.1 - 19.9 Amps. 
  • Programmable Acceleration 0 to 9.9 seconds. 
  • Programmable Deceleration 0 to 9.9 seconds. 
  • Two Programmable Outputs. Rated @ 1 amp. (Run, At Speed, Fault and more). 
  • Dual AC input voltage 120 / 240. 
  • AC input frequency 50 or 60 hertz. 
  • Up to 1HP 90 volts and 2HP 180 volts dc motors. 
  • Informative LCD Display. 
  • Password Control selective operator controls. 
  • Ideal for new applications or replacing existing drives. 
  • Stand Alone Operation, connect motor, power and go. 
  • PLC compatible. 
  • Motor Voltage regulator with Programmable IR COMP, Rate, Max Power, Gain presets and Internal PID. 
  • Greater torque at low speeds. 
  • Door mount, or we can install them in the enclosure of your choice. 
  • Optional Dynamic Braking with external relay and brake resistor . 
  • Optional Forward Reversing Switch. 
  • Optional Forward Reversing Switch with safety (will only change direction after the motor has come to a complete stop). 
  • Instruction Manual. 
  • One year warranty.
Made in USA U.S. and Canada 1-800-457-5456

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