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Palmer Compressed Air Dryer

Remove Water from Compressed Air

When compressed air is produced, a high level of moisture in both vapor and liquid forms are produced. The Palmer Compressed Air Dryer will normally remove 98% '+' of all water and water vapor while removing other contaminants including compressor oil and particulate. The unique Compressed Air Dryer is maintenance free due to an absence of moving parts, wear parts, replacement parts and filter elements.

Significant Features:

  • Precision throttling jets momentarily cooling the air causing it to pass through the dew point condensing the water vapor to a liquid form. Stainless steel collecting baffles cause the water to be diverted to the sump, eliminating water and most water vapor that enters the unit for a total combined elimination of 98% "plus".
  • No wear parts, replacement parts, moving parts and filters for a maintenance free unit.
  • Sump has a fully automated drain system.


  • A minimum of 45 feet of piping must be employed between the compressor outlet and the Palmer Compressed Air Dryer.
  • The Palmer Compressed Air Dryer should be installed close to the point of air usage.
  • The Palmer Compressed Air Dryer should be protected with a Y-Strainer complete with blow-down.


Model Pressure Range Fitting Size Maximum Flow rate
(100 PSI)
External Dimensions Weight Pressure Drop
(100 PSI)
Drainage Method
Y301 43-150
1/4 36 CFM 3.54"
4.4lbs 3 PSI Automatic Type
(Manually dischargable)
3/8 53 CFM 3 PSI
1/2 71 CFM 3 PSI
Y303 43-150
3/4 107 CFM 4.17"
5.5lbs 3 PSI Automatic Type
(Manually dischargable)
1 177 CFM 3 PSI
Y305 57-150
1-1/2 495 CFM 7.00
24.3 lbs 3 PSI Automatic Type
(Manually dischargable)
2 636 CFM 3 PSI
U.S. and Canada 1-800-457-5456

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